June 12

Our latest MobyMax Challenge Winners

The spring challenge is over and the winners are:
Xayne M 3rd
Molly 5th
Hussien Bazzi 5th
Peyton 4th
Ben N 4th
Malak 4th
Luke J 4th
Daoud A 3rd
Miles 3rd
Basma 2nd
Mo Kassem 5th
Julia 1st
Riley D 4th
Alan M 3rd
Nezar 3rd
Mahid S 4th
Julianna Z 4th
Lizzy M 3rd
Larissa 3rd
Sophia T 2nd
Saeed O 2nd
Zain A 3rd
Ayden B 4th
Atreyu 3rd
Maya A 5th
Amira C 1st

Congratulations!!!!  They have earned a pizza lunch on THURSDAY during their lunch time. 5th graders- Mrs. Bush will touch base with you since you will be on a field trip.


Nicole Bush
Instructional Coach
Snow Elementary


June 12

Yearbook questions……

Students will be getting their yearbooks, if they ordered them, in time for X-change Autographs Day which is Wednesday morning.  If a yearbook was not ordered, there will be some available but you need to check in the office mid- morning on Wednesday about availability, this is to make sure all of the ordered books have been passed out.  Thanks!!

June 12

LAST Week in Review!!!

Monday, June 12:  V= Video Day

                            Staff Meeting, 3:45, Science Lab
Tuesday, June 13:  W= Wacky Hair Day
                             3rd Grade Bowling Trip, 9:30-12:30
                             Kindergarten Picnic, Kindergarten Playground, 1-3:30
                             Staff v. 5th grade Kickball, 1:30-3 pm
Wednesday, June 14:  FLAG DAY!
                                 X=X-change Autographs Day
                                  Kearney and Distelrath Birthdays
                                  4th grade Field Trip, Detroit Zoo, 9-2:30 pm
                                  5th Grade Final Walk Through- 1:15-1:22
                                  5th Grade Promotion Ceremony, 1:25-2:45
Thursday, June 15:  Y= Year End Clean Up
                                   Adams Birthday
                                   5th Grade to Ford Performing Arts Center, 10:00-2:45 pm
Friday, June 16:  LAST DAY, 8:40-11:45
                          Z= ZOOM out of School
                          Teacher Duty Day, 12-3;45 pm
HAPPY SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
June 10

Fabulous Field Day 2017!!!

Snow School students enjoyed a fun filled special day by participating in our annual Field Day!  Tons of thanks to Mr. Michael Moyer and his top notch band of 5th Grade Leaders for setting up and running our spectacular day!  We would like to THANK all of the people that helped out- familiar faces, new faces, grandparents and families!  You are a huge part of why this day was so great and we can’t thank you enough!  We look forward to more community collaboration next year but want to tell you how much we appreciate all the ways you contributed to make this day so special for our Snow School students.  Thank you!!!!

June 7

Snow Students will say the PLEDGE…..

at the next Board of Education Meeting!  On Monday, June 12, at 7 pm, tune in to see Dylan Davis and Lorenzo Garza, both third grade students, and Gonzolo Garza, kindergarten student, lead off the Board Meeting by saying the Pledge of Allegiance.  What an honor!  Abdul Subhi, fourth grade student, will receive a certificate for his art work that was selected as Juror’s Choice at the recent Youth in Arts Festival- another great honor for Snow School.  Our wolves are rocking it everywhere!



June 6

Field Day News- PLEASE READ!!!

Hello, Snow School Community!!!!

Field Day 2017 is Friday, June 9.  We still have room available for volunteers if you have some time to help out.  The link to Sign Up Genius is http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0a4bacad22a7f94-snow1

Kindergarten through second grade, and MOCI students, will enjoy the morning games, 9 am-11 am.  Third through fifth grade students will have an afternoon Field Day, 1 pm-3 pm.  Everyone will have their normal lunch time.

Field Day t-shirts are due in Thursday- close!!, due to the new computerized printing system at the company we used.  If you ordered a shirt and it doesn’t come home Thursday, students will get them Friday morning and can change into them at school.  If shirts weren’t ordered students can wear any Snow Spirit Wear or any school appropriate shirt.

 We are asking everyone to bring a water bottle, names on them please, which can be refilled at our rest station.  Students are welcome to bring a snack and fruit will be available at the water/rest station.

Questions? Please email or call Mr. Moyer, moyerm@dearbornschools.org, or Ms. Zechar, zecharj@dearbornschools.org. Keep positive thoughts for great weather!

June 3

Instrumental Music Concert

When I type up the Week in Review I use the building google calendar that we are requested to use to record events at Snow.  I would defer to the instrumental information you received from the teacher.  It might have been incorrectly put on the calendar or the date might have changed but an update did not occur.  If I hear anything solid I will report that.  I think documentation from the teacher would be the accurate information, but that is just my guess.  Ms. Zechar

June 3

Week in Review

Monday, June 5: Q= Quiet Day (check individual teacher blog)
Departmental Meetings

Tuesday, June 6: R= Rock Star Day (check individual teacher blog)
Dr. Glen Maleyko Interviews, Conference Room, 10:30-1 pm
MOCI Field Day at EFHS
Instrumental Concert, 6:30-7:30
Social Outing at Mint, 8:30

Wednesday, June 7: S= Silly Sock Day (check individual teacher blog)
Wolf Den, 9-9:30
Spring Sing Rehearsal, 2:30
Pizza Kit Pick up, after school

Thursday, June 8: T= Tye Dye Day (check individual teacher blog)
First Grade Field Trip to Greenfield Village, 9-2
Spring Sing, 5;30-6:30

Friday, June 9: U= Uniform Day- Snow Field Day shirts, Snow Spirit Wear shirts, favorite team shirt and/or Uniform
Breakfast: Teresa and Lori
Field Day: K-2 and MOCI in am, 3-5 in pm