Snow Elementary School

Mohammad Abdelfattah

Special Education Coordinator Interview Committee

The parent and staff committee interviews for the Special Education Coordinator position will be held on Thursday June 22, 2023 from 9am until 3pm at 18700 Audette Street in the Human Resources office of the Administrative Service...

Stranger Danger May 12, 2023

   May 12, 2023  Greetings,   This communication is being sent to all parents to inform you of an incident that occurred on May 10 near one of our elementary schools.  Today we were provided information from parents and Dearborn Police regarding...

Snow Kindergarten Roundup

Please  take a moment to read the kindergarten roundup flyer. Kindergarten Roundup will take place on April 4th @9:30 am. in the Snow Cafeteria Kindergarten Roundup Flyer

Access presentation on Social Media

Dear Snow Community, Access will be hosting a presentation in our Snow Elementary Cafeteria Regarding the Toxicity of Social Media. Please see flyere linked here. The presentation will begin at 9:30

Stem Eligibility Criteria

Dear Snow Community, Please take a moment to review the STEM Middle school eligibility criteria linked below. Stem Eligibility Criteria

Chatting Event with Executive Director

Greetings Snow Community, All parents are welcome to attend a chatting event with our Executive Director Lamis Srour on March 8th at 10:15 located in the Snow Cafeteria. A team of Central office Directors will be present to answers questions as well.

Noon hour positions

Good morning, If you are looking for employment and want to stay local, we are still looking for noon hour supervisors. A noon hour supervisor typically works 2 hours per day but there is potential for more hours and quick advancement into other positions. Lots of...

Picture Re-take Day

Friendly reminder that tomorrow is picture retake day. This is for students new to the building or for those who previously purchased a package and were unsatisfied. Package must be returned with the student for a retake.