Snow Elementary School

PTA Survey- please help us plan next year by sharing your input!


Hello Snow Parents and Staff!!
We are extremely excited to be on the PTA this coming year, and we want to hear from you!! Attached is a link to a 10-question survey that we are asking everyone to fill out. Our hope is that with your insight we can make the 2018-2019 school year the best ever!  Please take the 5 minutes to fill it out so we can start working towards this goal!
Also please subscribe to our Blog and our Facebook group to get up to date info on events, fundraisers and other great information about our fabulous school!  (For Facebook, you no longer need to be a PTA member.  Just answer a few questions so we can establish your connection to the school.)
We are also looking for a Secretary to join our PTA board for next year, if interested please email Michelle Giles
Thank you so much for your feedback and for being GREAT Snow Parents and Staff!
We are looking forward to a wonderful year!
Michelle Giles-President
Jeannette Warren-Vice President
Katie Hetrick-Treasurer