Snow Elementary School

Week in Review

LIM Lessons: Habit 6- Synergize

Monday, March 12: Bring in your favorite book (Reading Month)
Staff Meeting, 3:45-5:15, Science Lab

Tuesday, March 13: Buddy Day- Buddy with another class and read together (Reading Month)
Guest Reader- Laurie Doner, 2:30, Kindergarten
Guest Reader- Laurie Doner, 2:55, Grizzell and Open
Chess Club, 3:45-4:30, cafeteria

Wednesday, March 14: Late Start, 9:35
Albert Einstein’s Birthday- read about him or read about science (Reading Month)
Guest Reader- Mayor O’Reilly, 9:30, 1st grade
Guest Reader- Amanda Saab, 11 (maybe 11:15)- 2nd grade and Open
Art Club, 3:40-4:30, art room

Thursday, March 15: Read to someone younger than you (Reading Month)
Guest Reader- Greg Oke, 9 am, 5th grade
Guest Reader- Jim Thorpe, 2:30, 4th grade
Chess Club, 3:45-4:30

Friday, March 16: Stuffed Animal Day- bring in a stuffed animal to read to (Reading Month)
Breakfast- Jamy and Ernie
Guest Reader- Scott Casebolt, 1 pm, 3rd grade
Guest Reader- Nikki Stetz, 2:30, 2nd grade
St. Pat’s Greens and Taters Lunch