Snow Elementary School

STEM School for current 5th grade students!


Admissions Criteria for 2018-2019
STEM Applications are currently open to any Dearborn resident. We sent out letters to the top 100 students in our current 5th grade Elementary school, although, any student is eligible to apply.

There are a few spots available for 7th and 8th grade.

Please use this google form to apply if you did NOT receive a letter in the mail:

Please use this google form if you are from out-of-district:

The criteria for admissions are based on M-STEP and NWEA scores. M-STEP scores must be proficient in ELA and Math in 4th grade with Advanced Proficient being the highest scores.

NWEA scores are identified as being one year above the expected grade level. This is determined by NWEA.

The scores are then sorted by each assessment to identify the top 60 students for incoming 6th grade.
Minimum NWEA Winter scores to be considered per grade level for 2018-2019 school year are:
6th grade: Reading 222, Math 231
7th grade: Reading 225, Math 235
8th grade: Reading 228, Math 239
-Dr. Winfred Green & Mr. Oussama Baydoun