Snow Elementary School

Snow School’s Giving Back Action Team NEWS!

Calling All Spring Cleaners!

As part of Snow Elementary Leader In Me Program, we are asking you, our fabulous students, to reach out in our community to help others.  If you’d like to be a part of the April Clean-Up Club, simply volunteer to help clean-up a neighbor’s, relative’s or your very own yard.  “Clean-up” could include pulling weeds, raking up leftover leaves and sticks from the fall, or picking up trash that has blown into the yard.  Please be sure to have a parent with you and get permission of the community member before cleaning up.  You are giving back to the community, so please offer to do this free of cost.

Each time you help clean-up someone’s yard, write the date and color a square on the chart that is available to you from your classroom teacher.  Once you have helped 5 members in the community, please return the chart to your teacher for acknowledgement of your leadership and kindness.

Thank you for consideration in being a part of our Snow School’s Giving Back Action Team!