Snow Elementary School

Leadership Day 2017

Watch Dog students talking about the program.

Students showcasing Wolf 82 News

Playing the Leadership Challenge

Leadership Showcase

Explaining Peer Pals at the showcase of Leadership

Snow School Student Give Back Program participants


Mr. Stinson leads the kindergarten students in song.

Our emcee, Ava

The Kurczewski Family, proud parents of Ava!

Fifth grade student Ava runs the show!


Parents and District Officials enjoying Leadership Day!

Snow School hosted their second annual Leadership Day on Wednesday, March 22.  We had many district visitors, families of students in our program and school personnel from local districts, stop by to check out the Leadership at Snow.  They visited our Wolf Dens (groups of multi-age students that meet together every month to talk about the 7 Habits), they attended a Leadership Showcase in the gym and were introduced to nine different leadership groups that operate at Snow School and were treated to our kindergarten students singing about life and the 7 habits.  A third grade classroom showed everyone their Leadership Data Binders and explained the goals they have for their learning, education and future.  Our first grade classes showed off their thinking maps and how planning is a skill needed for learning and leadership.  Fifth grade students used hula hoops and strategy to put our guests through a Leadership Challenge. Second grade students posted about the way they set and achieve goals and our fourth graders led our guests out of the building with recorder music.  It was a great day, one we are very proud of here at Snow Elementary School!