Snow Elementary School

Letter to the Snow community

Good Morning Snow Community, 

    I hope that everyone is enjoying your Summer Vacation! Below is some important information about the 21-22 school year. I will have additional information coming out, but I wanted to share these items below with you. 

Mr. Abdelfattah 

IMPORTANT DATES8/30/21- First Day of School ( ½ day) student dismissal at 12:05pmKindergarten Students- 1st 2 weeks are ½ days for a “Soft Start” Model. This allows for a smooth transition for our students to get used to a 5 day week and for initial assessments to be done on students academic and social levels. 9/3-9/6-No School for Labor Day Weekend. 9/15/21- late start all students 9/17/21- ½ day all students( student dismissal at 12:05pm)10/19/21- PICTURE DAY ALL STUDENTS11/30/21- Picture Re-takes10/29/21- End of 1st Cardmarking11/2/21- Election Day, no school for students11/4/21- Parent Teacher Conferences11/5/21- ½ day of school( student dismissal at 12:05pm)11/9 and 11/18- Elementary Parent teacher Conferences ctd…11/24-11-28- No School, thanksgiving break12/8/21- late start all students12/18/21-1/2/22- No School Christmas Break 
Kindergarten Registration 21-22If you have a Kindergarten student that will be starting at Snow this year, then please see the information below.  (*** see slide 2 for important steps***) Please also call our front office with any additional questions. 313-827-6250. Please also call the front office if you need to register a new student for grades 1st-5th. 
2021 Kindergarten Registration Information-click here      
Kindergarten Soft Start Soft Start to KindergartenSoft Start is a district initiative focused on a slower transition for our youngest students into elementary school.  The following information is the agenda for the first two weeks of school. Additionally,   Young 5 and kindergarten teachers will set up a zoom meeting with you to share procedures and expectations.
Monday, August 30th: (lunch will not be provided)8:50 am –  Kindergarten students will be escorted directly to their classrooms by a school staff member.  12:05 pm: Since today is a half day for all students, transportation is available if your child is a busser.  If your child is not a busser, please return to pick up your child in front of the school. All parents park in the parking lot and wait on that side of the street.  Henry Ford staff will escort students across the street.Tuesday, August 31st – Friday, September 10th (Please note that there will be no school on Friday, September 3rd and Monday, September 6th – Labor Day break)8:50 am – Kindergarten students will line up in their assigned classroom lines.  Lunch is provided.12:05 pm: There is no bus transportation home from school during the rest of soft start.  Parents return to pick up children in front of the school.  Monday, September 13th (8:50 am – 3:55 pm): Today marks the first regularly scheduled day of school for our kindergarten students.  Kindergarten students can now ride the bus both to and from school (if they are bussers).
Snow Summer ProgramWe had a blast at our Summer Program. Students spent 8 weeks working on academic skills, gardening, painting, developing friendships, Camp Invention , making new friends, and so much more 🙂   
School OperationsMain School # 313-827-6250 , Attendance Line- 313-827-6252New school hours- 9:00 am(Arrival), 3:55pm(Dismissal), 12:05pm(½ day dismissal) First bell rings at 8:55 students are expected to be in class by 9:00 a.m Breakfast- daily from 8:30am-8:55 am (Free for students)Dropoff and Pickup Locations Visitors- all visitors to Snow will need to sign in at the front office. We lock all doors after 9:00am for the safety of your students and our staff. 
School SafetyBreakfast, lunch, and snacks- students will be in assigned seats during breakfast and lunch. Students with food allergies- our cafeteria has a section that is devoted to our students with food allergies. This allows our students to safely eat and be around their peers. Students who need to take medicine or have medical concerns- please communicate with our front office and the classroom teachers for the school year. Snow can not give medicine without a doctor’s approval. Fire Drills, Tornado Drills, Lockdowns, Evacuation plans- We perform many of these drills throughout the school year for the safety of our students and our staff in the case of an emergency. 
Breakfast, Snack, Lunch, Water BottlesBreakfast- daily from 8:30am-8:55 am. (free for students) Snack- Water Bottle- please send your students daily with a reusable water bottle. Preferably one with a straw like in the picture below. We have several filling stations around the building for our students to use for “refills”Lunch- free for all students. Students will sit in assigned seats for health and safety reasons. Students have 20 minutes to eat their lunch prior to going outside or back to their classrooms. Each lunch period is 38 minutes, with 19 minutes of recess and 19  minutes of eating time. NO VISITORS ARE PERMITTED FOR OUR LUNCH SESSIONS. Parents/guardians can bring a special lunch for their students and drop it off in the office or take their students out to lunch for special occasions. Students can always bring lunch from home each day. 
Snow Supply ListsThese are viewable on our Snow Website at: click here to view 21-22 supply lists
2021-2022 Classroom PlacementsOur classroom teachers will email student placements for this school year. Their email will provide background information  on communication, arrival, dismissal, resources, etc.. PLACEMENT EMAILS WILL BE SENT OUT ON FRIDAY, AUGUST 27TH, 2021  in the AFTERNOON  after 2:00PM. Please make sure your parent connect information is correct. (email, phone number, etc…) This is very important information for parent communication throughout the school year and in the case of an emergency at the building. CLICK HERE FOR PARENT CONNECT-PARENT DIRECTIONS Our Snow staff spends many hours working on our class lists to provide classrooms that allow for the maximum focus on academics and to also balance boy/girl numbers, student behavior, and class sizes. We appreciate your support with our placement and classes that we have worked hard to develop. 
Kids Club at SnowWe offer the following program here at Snow :        Kids Club Before and After School from 7 am to start of school and after school until 6 p.m.To enroll in our programs go to our blog at You will find pages for Registration Forms, Prices and Registration Packets. Please complete forms prior to the start of school.IMPORTANT- due to limited spacing at Snow, we will not be able to offer Kids Club to our Kindergarten parents during the first 2 weeks of the school year. We use every room at Snow and do not have a spot for childcare during these soft start half days. 
CommunicationTeacher Schoology Page, Classroom Blog, and  our Snow Blog: “School News”Make sure that you are subscribed. ***Once you subscribe, you have to confirm in your email and you will start receiving messages***
MI-Star and Parent Connect (District Database for family contact information)Contact Information-please make sure your contact information is up-to-date in your parent connect. It is really important that we have the correct email, addresses,  and phone numbers for communication from our building. 
Snow HABITS**Each month we celebrate 2 students from each classroom that have gone above and beyond with the Snow Habit of the Month. Students will receive a certificate, a lawnsign, and will be recognized in our Monthly Snow Habit Video** We have updated all forms for the year and will be sending these home prior to Spring Break 🙂
September-  Habit 1 Be ProactiveOctober- Habit 2 Begin with the end in MindNovember- Habit 3 Put first things firstDecember-  Habit 4 Think Win Win January- Habit 5 Seek first to understand then to be understoodFebruary- Habit 6 SynergizeMarch- Habit 7 Sharpen the sawApril- Circle of influence May- TBD 

Overall,  we look forward to an amazing school year together! I am excited to have all of our Wolves back at the building!!

Have a good weekend!

 Mr. Abdelfattah

Principal-Snow School