Snow Elementary School

Kindergarten Soft Start days

Soft Start to Kindergarten

Soft Start is a district initiative focused on a slower transition for our youngest students into elementary school.  The following information is the agenda for the first two weeks of school.

  • Monday, August 30th: (lunch will not be provided)
    • 8:50 am – Kindergarten students will be escorted directly to their classrooms by a school staff member.  
    • 12:05 pm: Since today is a half day for all students, transportation is available if your child is a busser.  If your child is not a busser, please return to pick up your child in front of the school on the culver side. All parents park in the parking lot and wait on the sidewalk.  Snow staff will escort students into the building parents are not allowed to escort their child into the classroom.
  • Tuesday, August 31st – Friday, September 10th (Please note that there will be no school on Friday, September 3rd and Monday, September 6th – Labor Day break)
    • 8:50 am – Kindergarten students will line up in their assigned classroom lines.  
    • Lunch is provided.
    • 12:05 pm: There is no bus transportation home from school during the rest of soft start.  Parents return to pick up children in front of the school.  
  • Monday, September 13th (8:50 am – 3:55 pm): Today marks the first regularly scheduled day of school for our kindergarten students.  Kindergarten students can now ride the bus both to and from school (if they are bussers).