Snow Elementary School

Summer school information

Parents of Summer school students please expect a phone call from summer school teachers on Tuesday June 22nd with more information. 

Entry and Exit Procedures

The first day of Summer school will be Wednesday June 23rd. 

All students should be lined up with their classes at the proper doors by 9:00 am.  Teachers will greet students promptly at 9:00 am. 

All students will line up with their class at 9:00 am (first bell). At 9:00 am teachers will walk their classes into the school.  

Kindergarteners AND 1st GradersLine up on blacktop on Culver Street, Door #1 area
Mrs. Grizzell and Ms. Guadiana and Mrs. El-Alami ClassesLine up on sidewalk on Culver Street, Door #2
Mr. Wurtz, Mrs. Srour, Ms. Reslan, Ms. Sandakli’sLine up on blacktop on Houston Street, Door #12

Older Siblings may line up with kindergartners if needed.  

Bus Riders (All grades): Line up with class.  Students in grades 3-5 may enter Door 1 and proceed to their class lineup area on the Houston Street side.  


Breakfast will begin in the cafe at 8:30.

If parents/guardians need to pick up their child before their scheduled dismissal time, please make an appointment with the office.  

Dismissal: Students will be escorted by their teacher to their exit doors (same as entry doors). Kindergarten and 1st Grade Bus riders will be escorted to the bus. 

DUE TO COVID PARENTS are not allowed in the building.  (If you need to speak with the office please call for an appointment)