Snow Elementary School

GOTR Thanks You!

Snow School Community, 

THANK YOU for showing your support for The Girls on the Run team! We are so grateful to have such an AMAZING community. The girls had a FANTASTIC time. Your cheering and encouragement really motivated them to push themselves and do their BEST. Your SPIRIT and KINDNESS has made our hearts SO FULL. 

Special thanks to The PTA for their generosity and their time. We could not have done it without them. Also, thanks to Candice Hashem, Keli Renda, Charlotte Bauer, the Jones’, the Valmassoi’s, and the Kumm’s for going the extra mile in making this event special. Especially Mr. Jones aka Wolfie (we know you could fry an egg in that suit). 

THANK YOU to the GOTR parents for donating treats and refreshments for the girls. Your DEDICATION to making sure the girls attended every practice ensured their SUCCESS. 

THANK YOU to the wonderful staff members who came to support the girls during the run. YOU made this experience a memorable one. The girls were so excited to see their teachers cheering them on. You are AWESOME!

Lastly, THANK YOU to our Principal Mr. Abdelfattah for helping make this event happen. Also, a special shoutout to our engineer Tyler, Mr. Moyer, Mr. Mashour, and Ms. Reslan for being flexible and helping get things done. 

If we missed anyone, we apologize. Just know that your support made a difference. 

Our 5K run was a HUGE accomplishment and we cannot wait for the next season. If you have any pictures or videos, please share them with the GOTR Coaches. 

Girls On The Run Team

Maryam Abdul-Hak

Reem Abdul-Hak

Leighton Akers

Blaire Andrews 

Charlotte Beauchamp

Ashlynn Crandall

Lillian Haux

Kayla Jaward

Leah Kumm

Sofia Lemus

McKenna Petersen

Hannah Salameh

Layal Salameh


GOTR Coaches

Ms. Barakat, Ms. Sandakli, Ms. Guadiana, Mrs. Charara, Mrs. Massey

groupsitting.jpg Five teachers and thirteen girls are sitting on the sidewalk at Snow School celebrating their running club. The girls are all wearing pink or blue sunglasses and blue t-shirts, and green lanyards. Some have gatorade. A food table is to the right. Parents are standing to the left on the grass.
wolfmascot.jpg A girl in a pink and blue mask and blue tshirt and pink tennis shoes holds up two fingers in a peace sign gesture to the camera. She is standing next to a tall blue and white wolf (person dressed up as the Snow Wolf mascot). The wolf has its arms held up in a sign of excitement.