Snow Elementary School

Snow Elementary Pick up and Drop off Video/Procedures

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Entry and Exit Procedures

All students should be lined up with their classes at the proper doors by 9:40 am.  Teachers will greet students promptly at 9:40 am. 

All students will line up with their class at 9:40 am (first bell). At 9:40 am teachers will walk their classes into the school.  

 The Pledge of Allegiance will be recited inside classrooms. 

KindergartenersLine up on blacktop on Culver Street, Door #1
1st Graders and Ms. ZakLine up on blacktop on Culver Street, Door #1
Mrs. Chase, Mrs. Grizzell and Ms. Guadiana’s ClassesLine up on sidewalk on Culver Street, Door #2
Mr. DeSantis, Mrs. Majetic, Ms. Reslan, Ms. Sandakli and Ms. Shene’s Classes Line up on blacktop on Houston Street, Door #12

Older Siblings may line up with kindergartners if needed.  

If it is raining or the wind chill is less than 20 degrees:Students enter the building through the lobby (Doors 1, 2, and 12) at 9:30am and proceed to line up outside their class. All staff will be outside the classroom, main lobby area, and hallways to assist children as needed.  Students are not to get dropped off before 9:30, students will enter at 9:30 and make their way to the classes while maintaining 6ft social distance