Snow Elementary School

Penny Wars!!

Friday is the last day for Penny War this spring.  Help PTA make school even more awesome!

Fourth grade had the heaviest jug on Thursday, but second grade pulled way in the lead. Why? Cash, cold hard cash counts as positives for your class. Only silver coins (quarters, nickels and dimes) count against a class.

The score board going into the final day…

  • 5th grade – 800
  • 4th grade 2,704
  • 3rd grade 308
  • 2nd grade 5,935
  • 1st grade 716
  • Kindergarten -244
  • Preschool -94
  • School total so far $239.84

Remember Friday is the last day to put money in the jugs for your class.  The containers will be out before and after school.  May the best class win!