Snow Elementary School

Week in Review

Monday, March 5: Guest Reader- Danene Charles, 9 am, Lobby, 2nd grade
Guest Reader- Celia Nasser, 12:00, Lobby, 1st grade
Departmental Meetings

Tuesday, March 6: Guest Reader- Dr. Groover, 10 am, Lobby, 5th grade
Chess Club: 3:45-4:30, cafeteria

Wednesday, March 7: Guest Reader- Mike Sareini, 9 am, Lobby, 1st grade
Guest Reader- Mary Lane, 12 noon, Lobby,TBD
Recycling, bins out by 1 pm
Student Lighthouse Team, 3:15, art room
Art Club: 3:40-4:30, art room

Thursday, March 8: Tornado Drill, 10:30 am
Guest Reader- Troy Patterson, 1:30, lobby, 4th grade
Chess Club, 3:45-4:30, cafeteria
PTA Skate Night and PTA Meeting, 6-8 pm

Friday, March 9: Breakfast: Chef Moyer
Guest Reader- David Mustonen, 1:30, Lobby, Kindergarten
Student Lighthouse to gym at 2:50
LIM Assembly, Habit 5, 3 pm, gym

Don’t forget to move your clocks FORWARD for the Spring Daylight Savings Time Change at midnight Saturday/Sunday!!