Snow Elementary School

Stop the Summer Drop WINNERS!


CONGRATULATIONS to the following students for their achievement in READING over the Summer!  They will be treated to ICE CREAM at lunch on Thursday, September 14 AND the GRAND PRIZE Winner will be announced.  Snow School is SO PROUD of all of you!  Reading is the best!


Sophia Tran

Daoud Abduljabber

Adam Litton

Hussein Bazzi

Youssaf Gatea

Aidan Litton

Majd Aun

Malak Bazzi

Dylan Davis

Asher Litton

Charlotte Beauchamp

Jeremy Paddock

Gabe Beauchamp

Abraar Alabsi

Presley Ghrist

Luisa Greer

Lukas Dobos

Maram Shaibi

Mohamed Saad

Hamza Alaidaros

Luke Jordan

Devin Miller

Xayne Mktumian

Hussein Saad

Connor Capterton