Snow Elementary School

Our latest MobyMax Challenge Winners

The spring challenge is over and the winners are:
Xayne M 3rd
Molly 5th
Hussien Bazzi 5th
Peyton 4th
Ben N 4th
Malak 4th
Luke J 4th
Daoud A 3rd
Miles 3rd
Basma 2nd
Mo Kassem 5th
Julia 1st
Riley D 4th
Alan M 3rd
Nezar 3rd
Mahid S 4th
Julianna Z 4th
Lizzy M 3rd
Larissa 3rd
Sophia T 2nd
Saeed O 2nd
Zain A 3rd
Ayden B 4th
Atreyu 3rd
Maya A 5th
Amira C 1st

Congratulations!!!!  They have earned a pizza lunch on THURSDAY during their lunch time. 5th graders- Mrs. Bush will touch base with you since you will be on a field trip.


Nicole Bush
Instructional Coach
Snow Elementary