Snow Elementary School

Week in Review

Monday, June 5: Q= Quiet Day (check individual teacher blog)
Departmental Meetings

Tuesday, June 6: R= Rock Star Day (check individual teacher blog)
Dr. Glen Maleyko Interviews, Conference Room, 10:30-1 pm
MOCI Field Day at EFHS
Instrumental Concert, 6:30-7:30
Social Outing at Mint, 8:30

Wednesday, June 7: S= Silly Sock Day (check individual teacher blog)
Wolf Den, 9-9:30
Spring Sing Rehearsal, 2:30
Pizza Kit Pick up, after school

Thursday, June 8: T= Tye Dye Day (check individual teacher blog)
First Grade Field Trip to Greenfield Village, 9-2
Spring Sing, 5;30-6:30

Friday, June 9: U= Uniform Day- Snow Field Day shirts, Snow Spirit Wear shirts, favorite team shirt and/or Uniform
Breakfast: Teresa and Lori
Field Day: K-2 and MOCI in am, 3-5 in pm