Snow Elementary School

ABC Countdown

ABC Countdown

This year, Snow Elementary will celebrate another great year of learning by counting down the last 26 days of the school year with 26 special activities!

Please read through the activities and their descriptions as some days have your child wearing certain clothing and/or bringing items to class.  Participation is not required but we hope that everyone will join in this celebration in some way over the next couple of weeks.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your child’s teacher.  Thank you!


Date Activity Description
May 10 Animal Day Bring a small stuffed animal to class.
May 11 Beach Day

Bring your flip-flops, sunglasses and beach towel.

(Remember that you need proper shoes for the playground and gym class.)

May 12 Color Day Wear your favorite color to school today.
May 13 Dress Your Best Day All students are encouraged to dress up in nice clothes. Ex. Girls dresses Boys ties
May 16 Extra Recess Day We will have one extra recess today.
May 17 Fan Day Wear a shirt of your favorite team, rock group, or place you are a big fan of.
May 18 Game Day

Bring a board game from home to teach others.

(NO electronic games, please.)

May 19 Hat Day

Wear your favorite hat all day long.


May 20 Illustration Day Draw a picture to go with your favorite book.
May 23 Jam Day Pump up the jam!  Bring your favorite CD so we can rock out to some music! (CD subject to teacher approval.)
May 24 Knowledge Day Stump your friends with an interesting fact.
May 25 Lucky Day Bring your favorite lucky charm to school.
May 26 Mismatch Day All students will wear clothes that don’t match.
May 31 No Homework Day Enjoy an night of NO homework
June 1 Off With Your Shoes Take off your shoes the last hour of the day!  (Socks required)
June 2 Pajama Day All students may wear their pajamas
June 3 Quiet Day Enjoy some extra silence! The QUIET GAME, so nice!
June 6 Rock Star Day Dress up as a ‘Rock Star!’ “Rock Out All Day!”
June 7 Silly Sock/Shoe Day Wear your craziest socks and shoes!
June 8 Tie-dye Day Wear anything you have that’s tie-dyed.
June 9 Uniform Day  Wear a ‘uniform’ to school. This could include a career or a sports, ballet, dance, etc. uniform.
June 10 Video Day We’ll watch a video (G-rated only!)
June 13 Wacky, Wild Hair Day Who will have the wildest hair-do today?!
June 14


Autographs Day

Gather the signatures of your friends and teachers.
June 15 Year End Clean-up We’ll clean out our desks and the room.  Be sure to bring an extra bag from home for your stuff.
June 16 Zoom Out of School! Have a wonderful summer vacation! J