Snow Elementary School

Relay for Life

Field Day and Relay for Life will take place at Snow School on Monday, May 18.  Activities will start around 11 am with an All School Picnic.  After lunch the students will rotate through 17 stations where they will be doing Field Day Activities.  Two of the stations will be walking the perimeter of our school grounds to simulate the walk for Relay for Life.  Please make sure your student is prepared for the day outside!   If you purchased a Field Day shirt for your student, please have them wear it.  If you did not but have Snow Spirit Wear that would be a great alternative. We will be running a fund raiser called Penny Wars to raise money for a donation to the Dearborn Relay for Life.  Please send in pennies to be added to your child’s class donation.  To add to the fun, any paper money or silver coins that are brought in can be put in another class container to reduce their earnings.  For instance- a nickel put in another container subtracts five pennies, a dime would reduce the amount by 10 pennies, and so on.  Penny Wars starts Monday, May 11 and ends after the start of school on Monday, May 18.  We are all looking forward to Field Day, Relay for Life and Penny Wars!  Feel free to stop by and see what is happening!