Snow Elementary School

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ABC Countdown 2014

There is less than 26 days left of school. Each day will be celebrated with a special activity beginning with a different letter.  There is still plenty of fun to join in on.  Click the title above to see a scan of the countdown. 

Wear your Earth Day T-Shirt on

 May 12th

If you purchased a Earth Day shirt either this year or in the past wear it on May 12, 2014.  Don’t have an Earth Day shirt,  no worries wear any nature related shirt or a green or a blue shirt. In addition to Earth Day Shirt we will also have and extra recess to celebrate the letter E. 

Ride Your Bike to School 

Because of the weather the date has been changed to May 8th to receive a sticker for riding your bike.  Walk or ride your bike to school from now until the end of the school year to lessen your carbon footprint.

Science Fair Projects Due May