Snow Elementary School

MEAP Testing

It is time for the state required MEAP tests again!  Please make sure your child is eating healthy foods, getting plenty of exercise and sleeping at least eight hours each night during this month and all year long.

The first test will begin on Tuesday, October 8, 2013.  Testing will continue on multiple dates depending on grade level through October 25, 2013.

All MEAP tests are untimed and student-paced.  Students who require more time than given above will be allowed to complete each part of the test during the same continuous session.  Encourage your children to take their time and do their very best.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the MEAP, please stop by the office, email Mrs. Groover at or call the office at (313) 827-6250.

Thank you so much for the support and help you give to your child all year long!



Ross C. Groover




Preparing for Test:   –  Schedule appointments on non-testing days.  – Encourage your child to take responsibility for doing their best on the test.  – Encourage your child to ask questions at home and in class.  – Praise your child for work well done.

Testing Day:  – See that your child is rested and eats breakfast.  – Encourage your child to do the best work possible.  – Do not remove your child from school on test days for appointments.  – Send a healthy snack and water on testing days.

Test Anxiety:  Students may experience anxiety about tests.  A certain degree of test anxiety is normal and may help students work more efficiently and remain focused during testing.  Too much anxiety, however, can negatively affect performance.  The following strategies may assist students and parents in reducing test anxiety.

Parent Strategies for Reducing Test Anxiety: – Discuss the test openly and in a positive way.  – Emphasize that the test is only one measure of academic performance.  – Emphasize that test scores do not determine a person’s worth.